• At Barnegat Bay Capital Management, Mary Coughlin offers a perspective that few other firms offer. She is a money manager. Your assets are managed by a professional who has practiced fiduciary responsibility for nearly thirty years. Mary is legally and ethically bound to a higher standard, offering prudent investment advice and acting in your best interest.

• Barnegat Bay’s success is inextricably linked to one variable: clients’ portfolio performance.

• At Barnegat Bay, Mary Coughlin maintains accountability for your portfolio. It is her fiduciary responsibility to evaluate your investments prudently. Her approach empowers investors to cut to the critical information required to make prudent investment decisions.

• Sometimes Barnegat Bay is more clearly defined by what it is NOT: Coughlin is not a commissioned salesperson and has never been, she does not sell insurance, she is not a former stockbroker who has transformed into a “financial advisor.” Mary Coughlin is an independent fiduciary and has been for almost three decades.